Sigma Rho Newsletter - November/December 2014

From: Mike Czmiel '15,  Public Relations Chair
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2014
Subject: Sigma Rho Nov. & Dec. Newsletter

Sigma Rho Nov. / Dec. Newsletter

Front L to R:  Curt Olbrich '17, VP of Recruitment; Felix Boeschen '16, VP of Finance, Raim Izhar '16, President; Krishna Soma '16, House Manager, Aaron Reinsbach '17, VP of Communications.
Back L to R:
Gerson Santizo '16, VP of Programming; Brad Kosinski '17, VP of Risk Management; Griffin Charnas '16, VP of Education; Nihreer Matani '16, VP of Brotherhood
     While one may consider our first ever held election to be an important milestone, it places a close second to an even more significant one:  the one year anniversary of the Founding Fathers’ initiation at Beta Theta Pi’s national headquarters in Oxford, Ohio!  It is safe to say that few, if any, of us could have expected being where we are now seeing that we were mostly simply strangers to one another when this all began in September 2013.  What’s more, we all possessed a vastly different set of histories, personalities and educational pursuits.  But everyone began engaging so well with one another that, as time progressed, the uneasiness became the brotherhood that exists today.  November 16, 2013 marked the day that Fifty-eight of us made the memorable, schoolbus-chartered trip to Oxford and initiated into something much bigger than ourselves.  Not one of us would change or forget that day forever; we are Beta Theta Pi’s Sigma Rho and we are immensely proud to be.

     Concurrent with our one year anniversary was yet another open house event for one of the most important people we know: our Dads.  November 14th – 16th marked U of I’s annual Dad’s Day weekend where all families are invited to campus for sporting events, brunches and music entertainment.  One of the most advertised events of the day, the Fighting Illini vs. Iowa Hawkeyes game brought out larger than normal crowds to Memorial Stadium who, despite the increase in support, were unable to witness a win.  We all may have been somewhat bitter over the 30 – 14 loss, but we all later found solace in our basketball and hockey teams who both posted wins against Iowa and Georgia Southern.  In the mix of all these games was our open house where the families of all active brothers and future initiates could come to meet one another and enjoy casual conversation over lunch.  And as the day fell to night, it was inevitable that many would head to some of campustown’s best hangouts (eg Kams, Brothers, Legends or the like) to get in some last quality time before heading home.  Another event added to 202 E. Daniel’s history, we look forward to hosting Dad’s Day for years to come. 

Post game brunch for actives and their visiting families.
L to R: Marty and Kemp DeMarais; J.R. and Rick Domalewski

L to R:  Nihreer Matani '16, Krishna Soma '16, Mike Czmiel '15, Connor Murray '16,
Jaylan Williams '16 

- Hometown: Portland, Oregon
- Major: Industrial Engineering
- Roll no. & graduation year: 2178, May 2016

- Why you went Beta:
"I joined Beta for the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy on campus by building off an already great foundation."

-What you hope to accomplish this year:
"As House Manager I hope to make the chapter house a landmark on campus and a place actives and alumni can enjoy being in."

- Best memory of UIUC / Beta thus far:
"My favorite memory has been the alumni events we have had so far!"


Kevin Morrison

- Hometown: Oak Forest, Illinois
- Major: Accounting
- Roll no. & graduation year: 2214, May 2015

- Why you went Beta:
"After transferring from my local community college to UIUC in fall 2013, I didn't know alot about Greek life and never thought about joining a fraternity since I was a junior. My hometown friends TJ Mayer and Bill Hilger then talked to me about Beta and asked if it was something I would be interested in. I was hesitant at first, but after going to a few rush events I realized that this was something I would love to be a part of."

- What you hope to accomplish this year:
"I hope to establish Beta's philanthropy event this spring, continue growing personally and professionally [and ultimately] attain a full-time offer from a public accounting firm. After graduating in the spring, I also plan on being back in the fall of 2015 to start my masters in accountancy."

Best memory of UIUC / Beta thus far:
"My favorite memory and most beneficial part of Beta has been the relationships I have formed over the past year. Coming from the Southside of Chicago, I have never been introduced to people from different backgrounds than mine. Beta has given me the opportunity to become friends with not only people from across the nation but also the world."


     Having said all of the above, we now find ourselves nearing the end of 2014.  Just a few months ago, I found myself struggling to list what we had been up to to write these newsletters.  Now, I struggle to condense it enough that it isn’t too taxing to read!  This tells me that your support coupled with our drive and overall persona as a chapter has allowed us to thrive – in establishing relationships with professional / Greek organizations on campus and our alumni base to meeting and/or exceeding all the goals and expectations we set for ourselves and (hopefully!) you as our parents.  So on behalf of my brothers and I, we wish you nothing but the safest, most fulfilling holiday season with all the best happiness, health and wealth to come in 2015. Happy New Year!
As always, feel free to contact me for any requested information or questions - I am happy to assist you!

Enjoy the holidays,

   Mike Czmiel '15
   Sigma Rho Public Relations Chair | 847.942.8071

Other highlighted contacts:
   Chapter President Raim Izhar |
   VP of Brotherhood Nihreer Matani |
   VP of Finance Felix Boeschen |
   VP of Communication Aaron Reinsbach |
   VP of Risk Management Brad Kosinski |
   VP of Recruitment Curt Olbrich |
   VP of Education Griffin Charnas |
   VP of Programming Gerson Santizo |
   House Manager Krishna Soma |


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