John W. DeWolf '30 Memoirs of Sigma Rho

John DeWolf '30 of Houston, Texas has written about his time at Sigma Rho in late 1920's. He passed away February 5, 2004 and his daughter, Deborah Allen of AZ, sent us a segment from his memoirs called "My Life and Good Times". From it, we learn what life was like at the Beta house and on campus. He reports on the early days of Tom and Carrie who were our cooks for many years. He also reports on some of the Sigma Rho activities at the time. John was active in many campus organizations and sports and excelled in academics.

Recognizing Sigma Rho Varsity Athletes

Since the start of the Sigma Rho Chapter in 1902, many Betas have participated in and excelled at varsity sports. We have started a  project to identify and recognize our varsity athletes and their accomplishments. We have managed to identify several varsity athletes but our list is not complete.  Most of the information was obtained from the online versions of the Illio.

A Legacy Inherited, a Tradition Entrusted: Illinois Betas as Chief

John Bitzer ’74

To embody the iconic image that is Chief Illiniwek is said to be the echelon of the University of Illinois. To reign supreme in this position for a decade makes the experience all the more extraordinary. But we Betas don’t consider this kind of “hypothetical talk” when speaking of our historical feats: originating with John Bitzer from 1970 to 1974, we Sigma Rhos lived it.